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Antler Boost ACCELERATE is the perennial formula in our food plot system which includes the critical SOIL BOOST fertilizer.  We have been selling our seed direct to landowners ever since we have been in business dating back to 2008.  With tens of thousands of satisfied customer acres under our belt, we decided to retail package these successful seed formulas.  They are not mixes - mixes are put together based on price point - formulas are based on performance point.  That's what drives our formulas - food plot performance!

The one thing you will likely notice first is that our seed rate is double that of many of our competitors.  Why?  Because it takes that much seed to grow a high performing, thick food plot.  We focus on formulating the correct weight of seed rather than the cheapest price point.  And that is why we have not had 1 customer call about thin plots or poor growth in all these years.

The ACCELERATE formula consists of carefully selected varieties of chicory, red clover, and white clover.  The formula is mostly red clover and chicory because those are the two forages that are high in by-pass protein and amino acids which yield excellent increases in antler growth and body weight.  We still have plots going into year 7 of this seed formula!  For more information, please click on the picture of the back label and read more.

ACCELERATE is packaged in easy to carry 8 pound bags that will fit into your backpack and also in 25 pound bags for larger wildlife managers.