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About Us

DBW Outdoors has been providing the best, hand-picked and field tested products in the wildlife property industry since 2008 including Food Plot Seed, Fertilizers, Herbicides, Shooting Houses/Blinds, Stands, Feed/Attractants, and Feeders.  Prior to that, we used many of the products we still sell today.  Bottom line is if it's not the best product in it's category - we won't sell it.  In fact, we developed Antler Boost products and put them on the market in 2008 for that very reason - because we couldn't find similar products that met our high standards. We don't try to compete with the big chain stores and you won't find many of our products in those stores for a good reason - we have higher quality standards and cheap is not our game.

When you call our Customer Service at 888-917-4637 you get real people - most likely the guy that started this business Don Willis.  That means you get real answers and real help.  We strive to make shipping costs as low as possible and also offer multiple shipping options.  To top it all off we offer 24/7 Customer Service which is unheard of in this industry.  Thanks for checking us out and come back to see us again!