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Antler Boost SOIL BOOST

Antler Boost SOIL BOOST

$ 29.99

Antler Boost SOIL BOOST is a first in the food plot industry - a complete liquid fertilizer.  This is not simply a soluble synthetic fertilizer or solely a plant stimulant that we have seen for many years.  In fact, we met with several foliar companies that make products for the food plot and ag industries that informed us that their products were not a complete fertilizer.  All of that changed when we partnered with the company that makes SOIL BOOST.

In SOIL BOOST we found a complete stand alone liquid product that can be easily applied and is much easier to put out than granular fertilizer. The components of SOIL BOOST completely replenish the majority of limiting fertility aspects of your soil.  This makes healthier food plot forages that are more drought tolerant and higher in protein.   Better soil = more food higher in nutrition = bigger animals. That's the bottom line and we've got years of experience putting on thousands of acres of food plots and seeing the results time after time!

SOIL BOOST can be applied with the largest ag spray equipment down to the simplest backpack sprayer in a small food plot.  This continues our trend of wanting to bring real, science based products to market that are made for both the large wildlife manager AND the small wildlife manager. For more product info, click on the picture of the back label.

SOIL BOOST is packaged in easy to carry 1 gallon jugs that will fit into your backpack and also in 5 gallon buckets as well as 240 gallon totes.  If you want to order by the 240 gallon tote, please call us at 888-917-4637 so we can arrange shipping and we have many options to get that tote to you at the lowest possible cost!