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Antler Boost Bean Bale Attractant

Antler Boost Bean Bale Attractant

$ 18.99 

Bean Bale is an All-Natural attractant made up of only Forage Soybean plants.  This is different from other soybean products made up of crushed dry soybeans.  The green material is designed to give a natural food look, feel, taste, and smell to deer, elk, and other big-game animals.  Bean Bale works best during the fall and winter when it is the ONLY green food source available and all the woods and natural browse is brown and dead.

We developed Bean Bale ourselves and is another proud member of the Antler Boost line of deer products.  Antler Boost is another company started by Don Willis who created DBW Outdoors.  We plant Bean Bale, grow Bean Bale, harvest Bean Bale, and package Bean Bale in-house.  All completely natural.  No manufactured or mill-made ingredients like you find in the other attractant products on the market.

Bean Bale is low in fat and sugar by design to NOT attract non-target animals such as hogs, bears, raccoons, and squirrels that eat all your hard earned money up and spoil your attractant site.  Other attractant products on the market are high in fat and whole corn is high in sugar - both attract non-target animals which waste your money.

Bean Bale was also designed to give those that do not own a tractor to be able to provide their deer with the #1 natural attractant on earth - Forage Soybeans.  But remember - Bean Bale works best during the Fall and Winter when the woods are brown so don't put them out too early until your deer are used to coming to your Bean Bales.  Bean Bale is endorsed by Rans Thomas, Professional Wildlife Biologist and 2009 QDMA Deer Manager of the Year.  He is pictured above in a field of forage soybeans at their peak and ready to be turned into Bean Bales.

Size-wise Bean Bale averages 18-20 pounds per bale but due to moisture fluctuations and Bean Bale being an unprocessed product, we use cubic volume at 2.59 cubic feet as the measure of size.  Compare that to other blocks on the market that average around 0.5 cubic feet - almost 5 times the volume in a Bean Bale!

We can ship Bean Bale to you in 1 bale, 3 bale, 18 bale (1/2 pallet), and 36 bale (full pallet) quantities.  The more you buy, the lower the price per Bean Bale and lower the shipping price per bale.  And also available in limited quantities seasonally is our loose Bean Bale material that comes from split bales in our warehouse - we recommend feeding it in covered feeders to better protect it.  It comes in 3 Bean Bale bags full of material (equivalent in size to 3 whole Bean Bales) at a discounted price.