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Deer Stopper Package & Tree Protector Kit

Deer Stopper Package & Tree Protector Kit

$ 418.76

A hot attraction for all wildlife, this fruit tree package is designed to provide vital nutrients and meet cravings. The species combination in this package caters to the early season hunting set. It’s great for pre-season trail camera inventory, as well as your favorite bow spot. 

Tree packages are offered in 24 for seedlings, super accelerators and 3-gallon containers. Free shipping on tree packages.


  • 8 American Persimmon
  • 5 Wild Crabapple
  • 5 Wild Deer Pear
  • 6 Chinese chestnut

The protector kit offers many survival advantages for your trees, combining protection and growth benefits. Recommended for use with all seedlings and containerized trees, in all climates.

  • 24 2-foot or 5-foot tree protector tubes, stakes and ties
  • 24 3x3-foot weed mats and 192 ground staples (8 per mat)
  • 24 slow-release fertilizer packets