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Family Tradition Sniper Swivel Seat Ladder Stand

Family Tradition Sniper Swivel Seat Ladder Stand

$ 499.99

If you want the most comfortable and well-made stand on the market look no further - we have been hunting out of Family Tradition stands for over 15 years and won't go to anything else.  Powder-coated steel construction makes these stands long-lasting and you won't be buying replacement stands - you'll just be buying MORE stands because you love them so much.  The seat uses NASA designed web material that allows the seat to not only be comfortable but also breathe which is important for not only warmer days but also cold days where it allows your insulated clothing to do it's job better.

This is our absolute favorite Family Tradition stand because of it's mid-range price compared to the tripods which have their place in the arsenal where tree attachment is not an option.  The 360 degree seat is just like the one on the Single Tripod stand and gives you an almost complete 360 degree shot - except for the tree where your stand is attached of course. Even though Family Tradition stands are engineered to the highest safety standards in the industry, don't forget to wear a safety harness whenever you are in a stand as human error is impossible to engineer out!  Better safe than sorry!  Be sure to read the brochure in the picture section to the left for all of the specific specifications.

We do offer custom on-site installation.  This is an oversize and overweight object that requires special shipping/delivery.  Paying for custom installation is a great option as we have the equipment and experience to install them safely and correctly.  Please call for a shipping quote and to discuss installation before purchasing.  Custom installation will be cost effective on multi-unit purchases so keep that in mind as you decide to inquire on this option.