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Field Cultivator

Field Cultivator

$ 5,499.00

After going through the slow motions of rototillers, we were beyond ecstatic to discover the field cultivator as the ultimate seedbed preparation tool.  Not only can our field cultivator run at least 300% faster than a tiller, we learned from AgPhD (their videos can be found on Youtube) that rototillers actually leave TOO SMALL of a soil particle size that impedes nutrient and water flow.  Our field cultivator leaves a very small and perfect sized soil particle.  It also leaves a firm seedbed that can be planted into - textbook planting.

We carry our field cultivator in 4 foot (small tractors 25-40 hp), 6 foot (medium  tractors 40-60 hp), and 10 foot (70 hp and up) wide models.  Each cultivator consists of multiple rows of heavy duty S-tines, followed by a row of leveling teeth, and finally a set of rolling baskets that has two settings - one to bust bigger dirt clods up and another setting to firm the seedbed on the last pass.

Anyone that tries to sell you a 1-pass planting system is selling you poor planting results.  Seedbed prep takes real work and our field cultivator gets it done better and faster.