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Forage Turnips (Covers 6 to 12 acres)

Forage Turnips (Covers 6 to 12 acres)

$ 89.99

Grows a much larger leaf than traditional garden varieties of turnips like purple top turnips.  Turnips are a favorite in colder climates where the hard bulbs underground survive through late winter providing a much needed food source for deer trying to survive.  Mix Forage Turnips with any type of cereal grain or standard 3-way fall mixes at 2-3 pounds per acre to get incredible last season attraction or you can plant by themselves (4 - 5 pounds per acre recommended planting rate) at a depth of 1/3 inches deep. These seeds hold their germination for several years so you can use 1 bag for multiple years.
Make sure to use BioGreen fertilizers with any planting to achieve ultimate plot success.  You can find more info on our BioGreen products HERE