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Hybrid Roundup Ready Corn (90,000 seed count)

Hybrid Roundup Ready Corn (90,000 seed count)

$ 249.99

Season item available February 1 thru June 15

Disclaimer before buying:  This product contains Roundup genetics from Monsanto.  You must register for a Monsanto grower license before buying this product.  A grower license can be easily obtained online at the website http://agcelerate.com and you can put your grower number in the notes at checkout in this store.  When you apply for your grower license, make sure to use our information as your Seed Dealer - DBW Outdoors LLC and zip code 70114.

Hybrid Roundup Ready corn that consistently produces 3 ears per stalk.  Latest, greatest insecticide and fungicide treatments used. Plant 1" deep. Seed rate is 15 pounds per acre broadcast of 10 pounds per acre drilled/planted in rows.

After corn emergence, apply 41% (not 44% or other concentrations) Glyphosate (generic Roundup) herbicide at the rate of 1 quart per acre.  See label for yearly maximum rate.  Also recommend tank-mixing 1 quart of Rackvantage Plant Stimulant and 12 ounces of Herbicide Enhancer per acre for maximum growth.

Make sure to use BioGreen fertilizers with any planting to achieve ultimate plot success.  You can find more info on our BioGreen products HERE