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In-Furrow Applicator

In-Furrow Applicator

$ 4,999.00

DBW Outdoors has teamed up with a custom equipment manufacturer to design the first in-furrow applicator in the food plot industry that applies fertilizer and other liquid products directly into the seed furrow.  Why is in-furrow application an advantage?  Simply put - 100% vertical growth.  When fertilizer is broadly applied in any form, seedlings have to grab fertilizer nutrients horizontally but when the fertilizer is applied in-furrow in a soluble form like our exclusive BioGreen liquid fertilizers, the plant can focus on growing deeper roots and deeper roots mean more moisture and nutrient uptake which equals better growth and drought tolerance.

In-furrow fertilizing also means faster germination - we are seeing consistent 2-day germination even in dry conditions! Other uses include the ability to apply our exclusive Organic Insecticide into existing fields with minimal disturbance of the growing crops.  We are also going to be working on adding a smaller secondary tank to be able to apply pre-emergent herbicides while you plant as well as moisture retention products during dry planting conditions.  What is another huge advantage for a recreational property owner?  You fertilize as you plant - major time savings.

We work with our manufacturer to custom fit the In-Furrow Applicator to your drill or planter including Firminators.  If you are close enough, we use our own shop to fabricate the mounting hardware to mount the system.  Otherwise, we help you locate a local fabrication shop and we work directly with them to get it mounted and installed properly.  Please note the fabrication and installation are additional costs above the cost of the In-Furrow Applicator.  Because these are custom designed systems, the list price is a close approximate for most food plot implements. Final pricing will be determined prior to shipping of your system.

Please check out the pictures and Youtube videos (coming soon) of our In-Furrow Applicator in action on our own no-till drill and don't hesitate to call and ask questions.