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Monster Protein Gravity Feeder (2000 pound)

Monster Protein Gravity Feeder (2000 pound)

$ 1,499.99

All-steel feeder with skid frame making feeder re-location easy.  Feeder re-location is absolutely necessary on a new property or when starting a new feed program.  This is our most recommended feeder simply because of the value you get with the size.  Catwalk & ladder as well as a timer for the chutes are the available options.  The timer on the chute opens the chute and allows feed to fill all of the feeder tubes - many of our customers turn the timer off during the spring/summer during antler growth to allow free choice feeding and turn the chute timer on during the fall/winter as they feed corn.  This timer system keeps you from putting corn on the ground and feeding the non-target animals like hogs and raccoons.

All-steel construction ensures long life span - squirrels cannot chew through steel like molded and roto-tooled feeders.  Don't waste your money trying to save a couple of hundred dollars on non-steel feeders.  Compare to other similar steel feeders starting at $2,000.