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Non-Roundup Forage Soybeans (50 lbs)

Non-Roundup Forage Soybeans (50 lbs)

$ 59.99

Seasonal item available February 1 thru June 15

Long-juvenile soybean for higher forage yield and quality. Plant 1/2" deep.  Seed rate is 1 bag per acre drilled/planted in rows or 1.5 bags to the acre broadcast.  Use Trifluralin pre-emergent herbicide to help suppress pigweed and other weeds.  Apply Thunder Herbicide and Clethodim Herbicide unless mixed with other seeds .  See herbicide label for directions and yearly maximum rate.  Also recommend tank-mixing 1 quart of Rackvantage Plant Stimulant per acre for maximum growth.

Make sure to use BioGreen fertilizers with any planting to achieve ultimate plot success.  You can find more info on our BioGreen products HERE