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Northern Hybrid Alfalfa (Perennial)

Northern Hybrid Alfalfa (Perennial)

$ 169.99

Preinoculated & coated for moisture retention. Low dormancy - stays greener longer.  Very good variety of alfalfa that performs well in northern soils.  Alfalfa is legendary for it's attraction to deer and also scores well with a solid concentration of by-pass protein that is needed for great antler growth.

Recommend planting right on top of the ground or drilled no more than 1/8" deep at the seed rate of 25 pounds per acre alone or 10 to 15 pounds per acre in a mix with Northern Red Clover and/or Chicory. Comes in 25 pound bags.

Make sure to use BioGreen fertilizers with any planting to achieve ultimate plot success.  You can find more info on our BioGreen products HERE