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Northern Red Clover (Perennial)

Northern Red Clover (Perennial)

$ 119.99

Northern red clover is not like crimson or dixie red clover which are annuals.  Perennial red clover stays alive year round and provides high quality nutrition all summer long unlike annuals that die in late April.Northern Red Clover contains high levels of by-pass protein which is the best form of protein for antler development.  The by-pass comes from a naturally occurring chemical compound inside of perennial red clover called quinones.  Mix with Chicory to provide the best perennial mix for antler growth - both Chicory & Northern Red Clover can grow on pH down to 5.0 and possibly lower. Preinoculated & coated for moisture retention.

Recommend planting right on top of the ground or drilled no more than 1/8" deep at the seed rate of 15 pounds per acre alone or 10 pounds per acre in a mix. Comes in 25 pound bags.

Make sure to use BioGreen fertilizers with any planting to achieve ultimate plot success.  You can find more info on our BioGreen products HERE