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Spartan Cellular Go Cam (Certified 3G Wireless)

Spartan Cellular Go Cam (Certified 3G Wireless)

$ 499.99

Spartan Go Cams are the first and only trail cams that DBW Outdoors has carried.  Why?  Because they are the first 3G trail cams to be certified by Verizon AND AT&T.  Not only that, they are priced where a wildlife manager like us can afford them.  Reconyx offers a 3G camera but they are retailed at over $1,100!!!  That's a lot of money to invest in one camera.  The Spartan Go Cam is priced below $600 and all you have to do is call the manufacturer at the number located in the box and they also offer customer service for the cams.  Each cam has Blackout Infrared HD for the ultimate in stealth.   Pictures are sent to your phone via text message for real-time viewing!  No more spending hours going to the cam sites and leaving scent and pressuring your deer.Please note that we sell all of our Spartan Go Cams with a lockable security box (cable lock not included) - we simply don't let our customers invest in these cams without having a security box which cannot be purchased locally.

There is 1 version if you want to use Verizon service and another version for AT&T service.  Currently the Verizon service costs $25 per month for 1 camera but they are working to get it down to $10 per month just like for an iPad where you would share the data with other devices on your plan.  The current AT&T plan is $25 for 3 months ($8.33 per month) per camera.  Please note that the AT&T service for most areas east of Texas is very spotty in rural areas where you would normally setup your Go Cam.  See some actual Verizon trail cam pics to the left - excellent quality pics! Make sure to select which service (Verizon or AT&T) you want from the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

  • No Contract, Pay As You Go: The Spartan GoCam™ uses Verizon Custom Machine to Machine data plans or AT&T DataConnect Pass mobile broadband plan. No long term commitment required. Activate, deactivate, or reactivate the plan at any time.
  • Ready to Use Out of the Box: For Verizon model no SIM card required. Simply activate the service from HCO, use the camera menus to set your desired picture parameters, and your camera is ready to use. For AT&T version the AT&T DataConnect Pass SIM card is included. Simply activate the service at www.att.com/buyasession, use the camera menus to set your desired picture parameters, and your camera is ready to use.
  • All-in-One Design, Easy Installation: The camera is powered by 12 AA batteries (alkaline, Ni-MH, or lithium), and is a Standalone installation with no wires and no required external power source.
  • Security: Pictures can be transmitted with or without AES 256 encryption. For added security, use encryption to transfer your images.
  • GoWireless: The GoCam™ is compatible with HCO GoWireless web and mobile portal, an ultimate camera and photo management solution.