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The Firminator

The Firminator

$ 7,150.00

This is the best built piece of food plot equipment on the market. We have owned multiple other types of tillage implements and The Firminator is the most rugged and heavy duty implement available.  All of the components are agriculture grade right down to the high speed bearings.  If you follow the simple maintenance manual, your Firminator will last a lifetime.  The Firminator contains 3 implements in one - disk harrows, a seeder, and a cultipacker and can be used individually or all at once depending on the soil situation.  By having 3 implements in one machine, it saves you travel and hook-up time which is critical on recreational properties to get things done in limited time.  We sell the 5 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot models.

We sell The Firminator with all of the available upgrades - hydraulic top-link, oversized cultipacker wheels, mudscrapers, and seed agitator.  We simply do not recommend using The Firminator without those components.  One note - the hydraulic top link requires hydraulic hoses fit to your specific tractor and those hoses must be purchased after they are fitted.  Pricing does not include these hydraulic hoses.  We can install these hoses when we deliver your Firminator.  Delivery cost depends on distance - call for free delivery quote.

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