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White Oak

White Oak

$ 99.00

The White Oak (Quercus alba) is an impressive tree with a stately, broad-rounded form. The oak is suitable for larger areas, and sports leaves that are dark green in the summer and showy red in fall. The white oak has a slow-to-moderate growth rate. This tree prefers acidic, moist, well-drained soil and full sun. Growing 50 to 80 inches with an equal spread, the white oak may live to 200–300 years of age, with some even older specimens known. The acorns take only one growing season to develop. The acorns are much less bitter than the acorns of red oaks. They are small relative to most oaks, but are a valuable wildlife food, notably for turkeys, wood ducks, pheasants, grackles, jays, nuthatches, thrushes, woodpeckers, rabbits, squirrels, and deer. Hardiness zones are 3 through 9.

Trees can be ordered as seedlings or super accelerators in quantities of 12 or 24. Trees in 3-gallon containers can only be ordered in packs of 24.  Bulk discounts are available - call for pricing. The best time of year to plant your trees varies depending on what zone you are in. However, for most zones the best time to plant is between fall and early spring. Planting your trees in the fall allows the trees to root into ground before the dormant season. When planting trees,the hole needs to be twice as wide as, but not deeper than the rootball. The soil should be level with the top of the rootball.