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Willow Oak

Willow Oak

$ 99.00

The Willow Oak (Quercus phellos) is a large tree, growing up to 120-feet tall. Its trunk can be several feet wide. The willow oak grows on a variety of moist, alluvial soils—commonly on lands along watercourses. This oak has two different flowers: male and female. The male flowers are easiest to recognize because they are long, yellowish-green catkins that hang down. The acorns are about ½-inch long, with a greenish-brown saucer. The bark is gray-brown, and older trees have furrows. Whitetail deer, wild turkeys squirrels, red foxes and raccoons eat the acorns. Hardiness zones are 3 to 9.

Trees can be ordered as seedlings or super accelerators in quantities of 12 or 24. Trees in 3-gallon containers can only be ordered in packs of 24.  Bulk discounts are available - call for pricing. The best time of year to plant your trees varies depending on what zone you are in. However, for most zones the best time to plant is between fall and early spring. Planting your trees in the fall allows the trees to root into ground before the dormant season. When planting trees,the hole needs to be twice as wide as, but not deeper than the rootball. The soil should be level with the top of the rootball.